World Marathon Champs:2x4th “Chocolate medals”


Going into the Worlds this year, I didn’t really have any idea how I would do. 1 month before I left, I was feeling really good, and training was going pretty well. 3 weeks of surf ski racing, traveling, and training in a ski was not my ideal choice of a build up though.

I also picked up a touch of sickness, and had to go on anti-biotics the week before. Anyhow I raced my heart out, and am pretty happy with my 4th. All my portages were super, except for the last one. I really needed to get into the water first if I wanted a shot at a medal, and I got squeezed by the German girl and my nose got caught under the jetty, making it hard for me to get out fast. Anyhow, I ran hard, but didn’t really have the energy when I put in, to be able to do much damage on the last 500m. A painful 4th was my result, but funny enough, I am happy with it. Amazing how your levels of expectations change according to how things change along the way. Even with my terrible start, once I caught back up to the front bunch, I decided I really wanted a medal! Next year, Singapore!

Bridgitte and I decided last minute to hop in a double. We set up the boat (thanks to Jenna Ward for the K2, and Nelo for helping us set it up). Hopped in before the race to make sure it was perfect, then it was Ready, GO!! Front bunch, lots of tussling, hard portages and… another 4th. My body was cramping and misbehaving the last half of the race. I didn’t recover properly after the K1, as I didn’t really plan on paddling the K2, so I didn’t focus on it. I think the double day is possible, you just have to be prepared. Thanks Bridge for a great race though.

All in all, South Africa’s best ever K1 performance in the woman’s event, and 3rd best doubles behind Alexa and Donia’s silver and Nikki and my bronze.

I flew home straight to PE airport, and my mom fetched me and we drove to Cradock for the Fish River Marathon, my favourite event. To say I am tired is an understatement, and Robyn Kime and I hopped in the boat for the first time yesterday. It felt good, we haven’t had much time to prep but I am hoping Robyn’s great river skills, and youth 🙂 will get us through the 82km.

I will post more photo’s from Worlds and more news form the Fish when I get back to Plett.

Thanks for all the well wishes.

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