Garmin Forerunner 310XT


I am super stoked to announce Garmin as part of my support crew!

Click on image to go to Garmin website for product info

I LOVE gadgets! Especially really clever gadgets. The courier dropped off my new 310XT the other day. It is quite an improvement on the previous version. It is smaller, and seems more sealed to the water. For training it is the “perfect all-rounder”, and can be used for any sport-paddling, running, biking, swimming etc.

So far I am loving it. I have been training a lot on my own these past few days, and it is the perfect training partner. It never complains that we still have one set left 🙂

The beauty of this product, is that you only have the wrist unit (and heart rate strap if you want to see heart rate). No GPS pods or any other extra’s to strap onto your boat, or remember to take with! So much simpler. Training is so much more intelligent now, as I can base everything off accurate data regarding my speed, and especially in the sea, you can identify where the currents are! Amazing! And you upload all your training history to an online training diary to analyze.

More info to follow!

Thanks Fraser and Garmin!

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