Desert Rat



John Hishin-Cape Town Sport Photography


In Dubai, it’s race day tomorrow. My new NeloSki is looking smart with the funky logo and design. Will post some pics tomorrow.

Wind prediction is 12 knots NW, so we will be doing a “new” course compared to the last few years. Exciting, except for the 4km flat stretch at the end. I better make sure I have some gas let in the tank for that!

Picked up a bug on the plane… Why me? I am the happy owner of blocked sinuses (and the pleasant headache that comes with that) as well as a streaming nose and stuffy chest! And most of the sinus medication is banned so I am keeping it all clear with good old faithful Olbas!

Hope I feel hundreds in the morning. At least I will look smart in my fancy new Nelo Race Kit 🙂

One thought on “Desert Rat

  1. Chuck Haberlein

    Michelle, Best of luck for tomorrow’s big one! Hope you get a healthy dose of dry desert air to keep your sinus problem in check.

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