The Doctor


I arrived in Perth after a great flight, to be fetched by local gal Lara. Got a mini tour of the place, and then we hit the beach for a quick swim to get rid of the flight grime! Awesome!

So far, I am loving this place. I joined Lara and her family for a barbie (braai) last night, had a run along the beachfront this morning (well it was actually at 3am RSA time, which felt weird). Henrique from Portugal has arrived and we have found decent coffee, so far so good. Now to get our ski’s and get a downwind under our belts and life will be perfect.

Click on The Doctor logo above to go to the race website. Conditions are looking good, and the competition is looking tough. Actually it is looking ike one of the best ever assembled women’s fields, with all the top Aussie Ironwomen having finished their series already, and ready to take on the race.

Off for a quick nap, will update later.

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