Off The Hook Fun Ski race


Wayne at Off The Hook restaurant in Plett has been putting on Adventure Races and such every so often. It’s great as it gives all the locals an excuse to get out there and do some exercise in this awesome natural playground we have on our doorstep. (Plus you get a calamari burger as part of your entry, oh and did I mention a beer?) So you get some fresh air and exercise, and a meal. Perfect!

On Saturday they held a fun 15km Ski Race, 3 laps of 5km including a punishing trip through the River Mouth into a full-blown outgoing tide. Seriously, I think I didn’t go faster than 8:00 pace. Ouch.

I took my neighbour Erik, wh  can cycle pretty fast, in a double. The question was, could he paddle? He mentioned something about paddling before, so I didn’t think twice. We hopped in a club double and went for it. About 2km in, he says that the furthest he has ever paddled is about 1km, 5 years ago… Uh oh!

He handled so well! We went pretty steady, and I thought it would be fun to run along the river bank (read soft, sinking sand), and more importantly, I thought it would be quicker than paddling into that flooding tide. Of course, the incentive to beat my brother Laurent and his partner, Wayne (OffTheHook) and “other” brother was huge. Once we heaved the beast of a double onto our shoulders, we realised that the 40k tank would squash us into the sand, so we hurriedly jumped back into the water.

3 laps later, we got to the finish. Well done Erik, I think you are a natural and should change sports!!

I will try get some photo’s of the day, it sure was a classic. The full moon has been pretty awesome too.

I found this Pansy Shell on a beach walk yesterday! So stoked, as it’s only the 2nd time I have found one, and I have lived here for 29 years!

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