Race Time


It’s been a quiet few weeks since my break. I have been slowly building up my fitness, and now it’s time t race again! I will be using these race as part of my training week, as my Threshold Sessions, as I am nowhere near ready to race just yet!

On Friday we will be in PE for the Nelson Mandela Bay Surf Ski Classic (http://www.madiba-classic.co.za/) This one always is a toughie, as it’s usually pretty flat, with these small bumps that just ask to be chased, leaving you pretty exhausted with not much help.

Then on Saturday we head back to Plett for the lap style, though-the-river-mouth Penny Pinchers Plett Easter Surf Ski Race. And then on Sunday we race the Doubles event. Looking forward to some suffering!!

Happy Easter everyone 🙂

One thought on “Race Time

  1. Mom

    Great win in PE, 9th overall,.. and the next day a win in Plett. You’re a champion of note, and you make it all look so easy! well done! you make us proud. 🙂

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