Windhoek Berg River Marathon Day 1 Race Report


The day had finally arrived. The 50th running of the toughest Canoe River Marathon in the World!  Luckily we are having amazing weather this year. Nice weather would normally mean hot days, but a low river. Fortunately, Water Affairs released 20 cumecs on MOnday, and after tripping the river these past few days at a low 6 cumecs, the level today was really fun.

Here’s photo of me looking a little crazy (I actually look a little looney, but what do you expect after 60km of paddling!)

Gameplan Media


I sat with Robyn up until Hermon, and then took an opportunity to build up a lead. The way the women’s race is structured, with us not having an elapsed time start tomorrow, and starting in a batch, means that any advantage you have after day 1 is banked. Just make sure you stay with pack from then on. I maintained a nice high speed from Hermon until the end, which is about 15km (after doing 49km already!) I have an 8 minute cushion. So I better not make any mistakes 🙂

Hank had a stormer, opening up a 6 minute lead over Pierre Andre Rabie in 2nd (a MultiCoach athlete I might proudly add) and Lance King in 3rd.

Here are some more photo’s from the day (these taken by Jeff Ayliff)

Yellow Jersey

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