California Dreaming


Golden Gate Bridge

After many flights, a few delays, and a security frisking from a Fräulein at Frankfurt airport, I arrived in San Francisco. Late, tired, and feeling guilt about making Helen wait for me.  And then a sniffer dog at the airport discovered an apple in my bag… Back into the queue at customs!

There is so much water in this part of the world. I stayed at Carter Johnson’s awesome houseboat in the Sausalito area for the first few days. Carter has to go down as the World’s Best Host. Not only did he move out of his own house so that we could all crash, he even arranged a cool chef called Texan Tom and his wife Sandy to make us unbelievable French Toast for breakfast 🙂

Houseboats of Sausalito

So far the trip has been great, ran up onto Golden Gate Bridge, then paddled underneath it! Serious current that. Did I mention it’s cold? This wind can freeze your bones! We checked out a very cool hippy town called Bolinas, tasted many local beers (the whole microbrewery industry here is massive).

Now I am at race HQ in Berkeley, staying with Michael and Boris from Nelo USA. They have one SERIOUS truck. Will put a photo up soon! Now I am waiting to go to the start at Fort Baker, looking forward to catching some runs.

I picked up some tendonitis in my wrist just before I flew out here, pretty bummed as I have had to sit out on all the paddles. It is still pretty sore, however I have been fortunate enough to see Scott Kelly, physio legend!  So hoping for a miracle here, as have many races and training sessions lined up for this month!

Have to dash, will update after the race!

Team Nelo, me, Michael and Boris


3 thoughts on “California Dreaming

  1. TXSandy

    Any time you want French toast I’ll come running! =) Great to meet you. Maybe see you next year at the 2012 champs. Congrats on your race and powering through the pain!

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