Wrist surgery


4 weeks ago I had surgery on the tendons of my left wrist. It all happened rather suddenly as I was back paddling, and the troubles of the past year and my wrist seemed to be over. Unfortunatley it flared up again, and after seeing a hand specialist, I was told that this was the only way I would be able to keep on paddling.

After 7 months of resting, cortisone, bracing, physio, changing paddles & running more than I have ever before, my Doctor felt that we had given it every chance to heal on its own.

The surgery was a lot more involved than I had thought, and afterwards the doc said the damage was extensive, and no amount of resting would have healed it. So 2 weeks in a cast up to my elbow, and now 4 weeks in a brace, and then a bit more physio and I should be able to get on the water sometime in May, if all goes well.

I had to laugh, as I read one of the UK’s top triathlete’s Julie Dibens blog as she has just had knee and foot surgery:

“Things they FAIL to tell u before u have a 2 for 1 surgery ….that u wish they had:

  1. about 26hrs after u wake up you are going to experience pain like nothing before and u are going to want to rip someone’s bloody head off.
  2. there is a fairly good chance u are not going to be able to drop a deuce for a few days. And when u do it will feel like u gave birth to a small baby elephant only to see u produced something resembling a rather large grape. Good lord! A bit of a warning might have been nice “

Anyway, glad the worst is over, and I can actually use my hand a lot more now, and drive again! (Although I still can’t wash dishes…)

Thank goodness for my mom, she has been a huge help, and this would have been a lot harder without her.

Racing at last year's Easter Ski Race

The PennyPinchers Plett Easter Surf Ski race is happening this weekend here in Plett. Sad to be missing it, but excited to be doing the TV interviews and commentary!

Earlier in the year, I got do a photoshoot for South Magazine, as they were doing an article for their Autumn edition. It was quite a fun experience, I had my own make up person, and we spent a fun evening on the Knysna Lagoon trying to catch the sunset and orange glow with Melanie Maré the photographer . Below are some shots from the magazine.


Happe Easter to everyone! Try not eat too much chocolate 🙂

2 thoughts on “Wrist surgery

  1. chuckhaberlein

    Hope the surgery does the trick for you, and that I’ll soon be hearing about your races again.
    Best wishes!

  2. Di Arnott

    Fingers crossed for you – being forced to stay off the water is incredibly frustrating and I hope you can get back into training soon! I’m aiming for Mauritius 2013 – and being smashed to smithereens by you and a healed wrist. 🙂

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