Budapest, not as a sprint kayaker


I am back in the country that served as my training base for the Beijing Olympics. We spent many months training on the small Danube river, just outside of the city centre, in a small place called Csepel.

I now find myself back here, this time not as a sprint kayaker, but as a student on an ICF Advanced Coaching course! It’s been 4 years since I have been back, and I forgot how beautiful this city is. Especially now that I can really appreciate the tourist sites, without worrying about getting tired from all the walking around, and impacting my training.

It has been 11 weeks since my wrist surgery and I am happy to say that my wrist is feeling solid. I have been slowly building up my paddling sessions, starting on a very embarrassing 20 minutes, and now comfortably on 11km. The short start, and very steady and slow buildup is to ensure I dont overload the tendons in my wrist. They seem to enjoy small increases in volume, and so far so good (and when I say “they” it’s because these past 10 months have seen them become “real” things, with personalities, testing and taunting me!)

Last weekend we went to Szeged to watch the Hungarian National Team trials. As usual Szeged put on her best weather, and it was great to watch such high level competition on our doorstep. Compared to our National Champs back home, it was like watching Worlds! Just looking at the Hungarian’s national canoeing structure, its no wonder they are so successful internationally.

Famous Hungarian Supporters

I have 2 more weeks here, and will definitely make use of the long days to get some solid paddling and running training in!

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