Eurotrip 2012


My bags are packed again. As much as it is always super to come home, this chilly weather has me super excited to hop on a plane and get going on another Eurotour!

First up is the Crestuma Marathon (click on name for link to race website), part of the ICF Classic Marathon Series, and the venue of my first Marathon K1 Champs back in 2009. I am flying via London, and I am sure the hype of the Olympics will be amazing to feel, even if I am just passing through!

Next up is something that has been on my bucket list for a long time, The Sella in Spain! Or more officially The International Descent of the River Sella . I am super excited, and as a junior Daniel Conradie used to tell me epic stories of the race, the party and the whole vibe of this crazy sounding race! There is a good group of South Africans going, with race winning hopefuls, I will be sure to post more on that so watch this space!

There are a few other races in Spain, and I have secured an international partner, so it’s looking exciting!

Then it’s back to London, to watch my friend and K2 marathon partner Bridgitte Hartley smash up the field in the women’s K1 500m event at the Olympics! 4 years ago we lined up as a very last minute crew for the K2 500m, and made it through to the semi-finals. (I also made the K4 final, and I am sure it’s going to be an emotional experience watching the K4 race in London).

I will then be moving down to Poole, to spend some time with good friends Chloe and Pete, for a 2 week surf ski training camp, before heading off to Porto in Portugal for the Nelo Summer Challenge, and possibly the best event of the year! I won it the last time I raced back in 2010, and had to very sadly sit out last year with my wrist injury. It is also the venue for the inaugural World Surf Ski Champs to be held next year.

I am stoked to be going back for it, and the whole team at Nelo goes out of their way to make this one of the best events in the world!

Here is a cool video off the website (click on logo above to find out more about the race)

Then its home Gerome, in time for Spring!!

Train hard people, and remember, this is not the warm up, you are living the Main Event!!


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