Roma 2012


In between arriving home from my Euro-trip and Fish, I didn’t have a chance to post anything about Marathon Worlds in Rome. So here it is:

With not a lot of time post operation to fully prepare for Marathons, I knew I was up for a hard task. The course was a little hectic, well the portage was. A very steep hill, slippery jetty’s and not enough space at the take-outs, plus 4 90 degree turns meant that there was definitely going to be some drama!


The K1 event went ok, had an interesting start with not quite being able to hear the starter, and more importantly, the kid holding my tail definitely not hearing him as he held my tail after I had already tried to take a stroke! Unfortunately I needed a great start, and playing catch up was not in my game plan. I managed to get back into a reasonable group, and stayed like that until the end. After a disqualification further ahead of me in the field, I got 9th place, my worst result at a Marathon Worlds, but one I am happy with all things considered.

The next day Robyn Kime and I lined up for the K2 event. Due to illness and injury, we actually didn’t get any time together in the boat before the event. Nelo hooked us up with an amazing Quattro K2 (as awesome as the K1 they lent me!). Again, a terrible start, and had to work hard to catch up. After a lap we were back in the mix, in the front bunch with 2 Hungarians, the Italians and another South African boat. Lots of chaos in the race, and one very sad portage saw us off the bunch, and into the chocolate medal (my 3rd now!)

Robyn had a fantastic first Marathon Worlds, getting the silver in the U23 and the chocolate medal with me in the Senior women’s.

Unfortunately both Hank and Len got disqualified, with Hank losing his bronze medal in the process. He had a brave race, and came back incredibly after his swim.

The South African team (open ages and “super-ballies”/masters) got a massive amount of medals as usual, firmly placing ourselves as a force in world marathon paddling!

Next year the event moves to Copenhagen, Denmark.

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