Hong Kong


View of the race course from the Dragons Back

I am back in Hong Kong for the dragon Run surf ski race (I missed last year due to injury). I forgot how great this place is! The water is warm, the wind blows, and there is so much activity/buzz, it’s hard to get bored.


I have been paddling the last stretch of the race course, from the “Kissing Whales” back to the finish at the fantastic Stanley Sea School. The runs have been great, and my green Nelo ski matches the colour of the water here. The weather has been pretty warm, even though this is their “winter”!

Yesterday we hiked up and on top of the dragon’s Back, which gave us a great view of the race course, well besides the fog/smog! The trails are great, and apparently there is a 100km trail run here in December.


Allie enjoying the hike

Tomorrow is race day, and unfortunately the wind prediction is not looking ideal. Then again, it’s the ocean, and this is an island, so there will always be a bump to catch!


I will post a race report after the event.

Mich 🙂

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