The Ocean Recovery Alliance


While over in Hong Kong for the Steelcase Dragon Run, I met a guy called Doug Woodring. He showed me the most amazing photo’s and time-lapse of a Kids Ocean Day he had.

He represents the Ocean Recovery Alliance which is a registered non-profit organisation in California and HK. From their website “The focus of Ocean Recovery Alliance is to bring together new ways of thinking, technologies, creativity and collaborations in order to introduce innovative projects and initiatives that will help improve our ocean environment.  This includes creating business opportunities for local communities when applicable, in order to address some of the pressing issues that our ocean faces today.”

Here are some of the great photo’s of what the kids got up to, followed by the time-lapse:

They are also having a Big Clean Up

“The “Oceanic Big Five” brings together to top five sports users of the ocean to celebrate World Oceans Day. These are Surfers, Sailors, Swimmers, Divers and Paddlers. Since we all use the water, IN, ON and UNDER, we have an IOU for the ocean…. And now it’s time to give back. Get your friends, teams or communities together, and create an ocean clean-up in places that normal beach cleanups might not take you. You, as athletes and users of the ocean, are in the front-lines of ocean protection and can be excellent stewards and ambassadors for the ocean, particularly for those who don’t use it as much as you do. Join us to spread the word, and respect the IOU that you have with the sea”

Go to their website to find out more and GET INVOLVED.

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