2012 Cape Point Challenge. Toughness Defined.

Rounding the Cape Point

Rounding the Cape Point

After paddling the Cape Town Downwind series of races, I hung about the Mother City for one of my favourite races, the Cape Point Challenge. It is one of only a handful of one-day ultra distance surf ski races in South Africa. It is always well organised by the Fish Hoek Surf Life saving crowd, and since they changed the format from biannual to every year, it has really grown in popularity. I think just over 200 crazy people lined up at Scarborough Beach at 0530 on Saturday morning, to test themselves against 50km of the toughest ocean conditions.


I have done 5 CPC’s, and won 4. All of them have been unique, and all of them have been tough. 2012 will stand out for me for a number of reasons.

1. The field was incredible, and making a Top 20 looked hard (I have come 12th Overall before, this year I was only 36th)

2. There was a sprint finish for the men’s race (after 50km of racing, to come down to a sprint finish is incredible)

3. After a relatively calm start, the NW wind was blowing ever so slightly, and the runs were there, but were they worth it? They definitely offered a little bit of assistance, however, were demanding quite a bit of my much-needed energy to be able to catch. Worth the extra effort? Quite a game changer.

4. The headwind that battered us the whole way home (25km) was enough for me to utter the words “if you get to the finish Mich, you NEVER have to paddle again”! Weighing a less than the male paddlers, and having less strength, I really suffered into the wind. I just relied on the fact that my competition was suffering with me!

5. Besides it being a really tough year, all I heard at the finish were positive stories from all the paddlers, and they really were a bunch of stoked ACHIEVERS!

Cool trophy. Glad I never saw any in real life.

Cool trophy. Glad I never saw any in real life.

And that was that, my 4th win, Hank’s 3rd in the men’s event.

Results are below.

Hope everyone had a super Festive Season and a good rest. 2013 is going to be AWESOME!!!!

1.Hank McGregor 4:02.27
2.Sean Rice 4:02.28
3.Grant van der Walt 4:02.29
4.Simon van Gysen 4:02.35
5.Jasper Mocké 4:02.45
6.Richard von Wildemann 4:02.46
7.Dawid Mocké 4:02.48
8.Len Jenkins 4:08.00
9.Tom Schilperoort 4:08.20
10.Barry Lewin 4:09.38
11.Kenny Rice (U18) 4:09.55
12.Ashley Carstens 4:15.23
13.Brandon van der Walt 4:15.54
14.Ernest van Riet 4:17.04
15.Craig Flanagan (U18) 4:17.18
16.Ben Brown 4:17.24
17.Justin Maddock 4:17.27
18.Bruce Neill 4:17.29
19.Adam Bothma 4:17.37
20.Paul Marais 4:17.39

1.Michéle Eray 4:32.06
2.Nikki Mocké 4:40.28
3.Bianca Beavitt 4:48.39
4.Angie Mouden (FRA) 4:51.02
5.Kerry Louw 4:53.57

Junior Boys
1.Kenny Rice 4:09.55
2.Craig Flanagan 4:17.18
3.Dominic Notten 4:18.31

1.Shaun Rubenstein/Steve Farrell 3:54.31
2.Ant Stott/Graeme Solomon 3:55.07
3.Bevan Manson/Kyle Friedenstein 3:56.12


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