Plett Race 2013

Windy and rainy conditions greeted the few brave souls who decided on competing at this year’s Plett Easter Ski Race.Fortunately the water was pretty warm, making it that much more bearable.

I had a pretty useless start, nearly taking out the camera man who was in my path, and then waiting for the whole set to roll through before finally setting off! I caught up to Nikki just before the 1st turn buoy, and from there on we played cat and mouse for the rest of the 20km route. 6 laps with an ever increasing wind, saw us stop to help some guy who carelessly didn’t have a leash on. There wasn’t much safety on the course, and this guy would have had a really long swim to shore if we hadn’t stopped his ski from blowing toward the beach.

Coming in after the final lap

Coming in after the final lap,Nikki on left, me on right 🙂

On the last lap I managed to edge ahead, and at the last turn buoy had a minor lead. Nikki caught a bigger wave coming  in, but I had just enough to take the win. I love racing when it’s close like that! Kirsten Wessels from PE finished 3rd, with France’s Angie Mouden taking 4th.

Plett Easter Race 2013 3

Well done to all the female paddlers who took part and finished. Weighing a good 15-25kg less than our male counterparts, and having a lot less natural power made this challenge extra hard for the fairer sex. It is unfortunate that the event organisor didn’t show us the same respect for completing this extra tough course, as we did by finishing. At least we don’t only play best of 3 sets, and actually finish the full course! Lack of equality in paddling is still rife, and I hope that by my children’s time, this archaic attitude will have abated…

2 thoughts on “Headwinds

  1. Chris

    Nice blog, Mich! Agree, equal price money for equal distance. The girls pull a bigger crowd anyway and are much better looking than us boys!

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