More on the Berg… A look at it from the water


Ben Brown, talented (World Marathon Champion) paddler from the UK has come out to do the Berg this year. It’s great to see an International paddler come and try our toughest K1 race (that many top, local paddlers seem to afraid to enter… No names mentioned 🙂 )

Ben made a video bog of his first pre-race on the river. If you have never done this race, this will give you a great idea as to what it’s like. The water level looks low, which exposes some new tree blocks, but is also more forgiving on your decision making, as you can make a mistake or change your mind, and not get washed that quickly into the problem. Hopefully, for Ben’s sake, there is some rain between now and next Wednesday, so that the river floods a bit, making the days quicker, and the tree blocks less ominous.

This river doesn’t really have any rapids (compared to other rivers in SA) but it s the tree blocks that make it so tricky. That being said, I did notice Mr Brown having a little swim in Clay “rapid”… In his defense, he does a really smart deep water re-entry!

Watch and enjoy!


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