ICF World SurfSki Champs


I’m in Portugal for the FIRST EVER OFFICIAL World SurfSki Champs!

SO exciting, and so great for the sport! Nelo is (as usual) going out of their way to host a super event! The vibe is fantastic, and I can’t wait to race.

I did the LifeSaver Knockout race when I arrived, it was super fun, just tough to paddle hard after such a long trip! Richard von Wildeman won the men’s and I won the women’s.

Here is a link to GlobalSurfSki for some photo’s

I will try take some photo’s today and post them (including one of my super fast Bright Yellow NeloSki racing snake!)

Here is a link to the race website:

icf world ski champs website

And don’t forget, if you want to follow the race LIVE via YouTube, go and subscribe to White Hot Media’s Channel. Click on image below to go sign up.


OK, time to explore Vila Do Conde (and have a sneaky espresso or two).

P.s. I Love Portugal!

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