snowballs and wind chill factor


Since moving to the US, I have had numerous “first experiences”.

snowboardingBasketball, Bull Riding, Thanksgiving, Snow, (driving in it, running in it, trying not to fall on my butt walking in it), Snowboarding, Cross Country skiing, freezing rain, chipping ice off my car window, paddling in minus 5, Superbowl, Walmart, driving on the right hand side of the road (no problem until I have to cross an intersection with none in front that I can follow), the imperial measurement system (great until you miscalculate your bench press weight and nearly get squished).

bull riding_edited

I am not big on New Year’s Resolutions, but I am big on setting targets. My target for 2014 is to never shy away from a new experience, and to add many “firsts” to my list.

Strange how it is always easier to do what is familiar, what is comfortable. It’s human nature. In everything.

With training, you tend to always work at your strengths, because you are good at them, and hence either do well and/or enjoy that part of training. It’s a process of re-reinforcement, albeit an unhealthy one. How will you ever improve if you keep doing the things you are good at? To become a better athlete, you need to focus on your weaknesses, especially if they are your least favorite  part. Turn them into your strengths.


In life, we are creatures of habit. Well I certainly am. Phenomenal athletes, successful business owners, excellent public speakers, and great leaders aren’t born with that skill set. They have worked hard, every day, for many years, to become that way. Which is great news. Because then anyone has the potential to become better at a skill.

So go out there, and do the thing that you find the hardest. Work at it a little every day, and become the athlete, person, friend, leader, role model you have always wanted to be.

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