A Little Bit About Me



Full Name: Michele Janine Eray

Nick Name: Mish-Mash, Michi, Dish

Home town: Plettenberg Bay, South Africa

Currently living: Costa Mesa, USA

DOB: 5th May 1979

Strengths: Vasbyt, Having Perspective

Weaknesses: Not being able to say no! Slight chocolate addiction…and coffee of course!

A little bit of history: I Started paddling through the Life Saving movement as a natural progression from Nippers. With help from Daniel Conradie and my brother Laurent, I started paddling a life-saving spec ski. This led to a canoe as part of Oakhill School’s program run by Chris Storey.

I enjoyed 2 Junior Canoe World Sprint Championships, and then headed off to Stellenbosch University, followed by Natal to study Biokinetics. After a quick stint in London (the weather is not for me!) I opened a Private Practice in Plett.

The chance at achieving a life long dream of mine, the Olympic Games, presented itself, so I moved to CT to train with a crazy (7 times World Champion) Hungarian called Robbie Hegedus. Now, the Olympics have come and gone. Our goals of a Top 6 in the Final was achieved (well we finished a tight 7th, 1.5 secs off a medal!) Now I am taking on the world of Surf Ski.

The Hardest Thing I Have Ever Done: The qualifying trace for the Challenge in 2002-serious head wind for 3 hours, after a 2 hour warm up….

The Best Thing I have Ever Done: Every day is the Best Thing

Personal Mantra: You regret more in life the things that you didn’t do, than the things you did.

You can have anything, just not everything!


13 thoughts on “A Little Bit About Me

  1. Rebecca- Helly Hansen

    Fantastic results at SA Champs – hope Europe is really successful for you girls and look forward to seeing some great results and photos of the trip! Good luck

  2. micheray

    Thanks Rebecca! Will send photos of the girls in our AWESOME new kit as soon as we get them:)

  3. Hyde family

    Hi Michele … Greg’s class are doing the olympics at school for next two weeks. so sending your info and latest SA Paddler to the Oakhill grade 2 class!!! We wish you well. What an inspiration!!!
    Love Rob, Alison,Greg, Daniel and Sarah

  4. Mike Williams

    Hi Michele, Your Mom & Dad have been keeping me up to date on your progress. Wow what an achievement. Alot of hard work and dedication have gone into getting to this point and we are very proud of you. Well done. You are an inspiration to all of us.

    Love Mike, Gill, Amy & Matthew

  5. Mike Duffus

    Hey Michelle – Duncan Mcivor (Always in the know about what is happening in the canoeing world) told me about your blog and decided to check it out. Olivia and I will be watching and following your progress on TV. Well done so far and we are rooting for you girls all the way. Later Mike and little Olivia

  6. mikki

    Hi mich.. we wish you all the best for the games:-)
    Saw you on tv today..opening ceremony wow!! you guys look great, I had to keep my cool cause I was at the shop and was soooo… excited I jumping up & down and of course customers & staff thought I had lost it… wow you guys rock.. break a leg love the dimops

    ps! Angela was also watching at home all she could say all the time was ” oh my hat|” when are we gonna see Michelle & lizzy was almost in tears cause she nor me for that matter has ever known anybody at the olympics.. yee..haa

  7. Kate Allan

    Mich, I am so proud of you and your hard work, and cannot believe one of my good friends is at the Olympics!!!! I will be doing my best to watch you on tv but here they only really us anything the US is involved in!!!! Will watch online if I have to….good luck and have the time of your life….ps hows it going with the hot swimmers?!!!
    love Kate and Sage

  8. Tracy

    Well done!!!! We 3 saw you on the opening ceremony and were sooo excited! Berry is doing the Olympics at school and sent your inifo with her – class very impressed too! We’ll be watching on the 18th! lots of luv, Jam, Bear & T xxxxxxxxx

  9. Hey Mich
    You need to give a shout out to MultiCoach here on your blog…

    Apart from the link to the site there’s nothing to tell the people that you’ve got this amazing coaching thing going…!


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