Dragons, Markets, Nunneries…


The 2012 Dragon Run has to go down as one of the hottest, run-less races of the year. The writing was on the wall when I heard Ruth “Wind Killer” Highman had entered, but I was hoping her curse had lifted 🙂

The whole week had been pretty good, with a nice wind blowing and some really fun runs, as well as cool temperatures. However, come race day, and the Highman Curse was on full throttle. Hot, windless and of course, RUN-LESS! That been said, as a pro surf ski paddler you need to be able to race in anything, and the conditions were there for all to suffer in!

I had a fairly average race, and never felt spectacular. A small detour with a tugboat and barge saw me lose much-needed time, and after an honest attempt to catch up, I think I burned up any spare reserves I might have had. Naomi Flood from Aus seemed to be coping with the heat and had a great day to finish just shy of a minute ahead of me, with the “Wind Killer” even less than that behind me.

In the men’s race, Tim Jacobs showed that he is also the star of the Jacobs family (brother Pete recently won the Hawaii Ironman) to take the win from a strong Grant vd Walt (in his best ever showing at an international race!) and Hank MacGregor in 3rd.

As usual the race organisors put on a great event, well done Andy Orr and your team. Raymond Lo of Nelo HK was super to me, thanks for your help and lifts! And of course thanks to Andre Santos for not only getting me to the event, but actually getting on the water and suffering along with TJ and I. Not many boat manufacturers and bosses will do that!

Sunday saw me trying to be a tourist, and I ended up at the Chi Lin Nunnery and the Nan Lian Gardens. Beautiful calming places to be, just a stone’s throw from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Chi Lin Nunnery

I am stoked to be home again, and getting into a nice routine with training early and appreciating these hot summer (early) mornings. Next up is the CT WCup series races, and then the big one, Cape Point Challenge. 50km of fun, fun, fun!

Craziness of Mongkok Market