New Nelo Ski

I love Spain! The siesta in the afternoon, the relaxed attitude of the people, the long daylight hours in summer.

I was lucky enough to stay in an apartment right on the beachfront, and very close to the Club Nautico, which was race HQ. My folks joined me on this trip, and it was great to have them with me.

Unfortunately I caught a head cold just before leaving SA, which progressed to flu while I was in Spain. Anti-biotics were in order, but the timing was off, and the race came on probably my worst day. After a frantic start, with lots of chaos around the turning can, the pace settled down to a manageable level. I sat back, and let Nikki pull, waiting for my high heart rate to come down. Eevn though our pace was pretty slow, it never dipped below 176bpm, which is a normal herart rate for me, if I were paddling hard, but at cruising speed, that is a bit scary. After about 10-12km, I tried pulling on my own, and it shot up to 186bpm, which is getting close to my max, and I wasn’t even going hard. Tough decision, as I had flown all the way from SA, but I decided to pull back and just ride out the rest of the race. Is this maturity? I hope so as I just celebrated my 31st birthday yesterday:) Well done to Nikki for the win.

The photo above is of my new ski, made by the incredible guys at Nelo in Portugal. Wow, this boat is fast. Pity I didn’t do it justice.

Check out for more info on this boat and all their other products (namely the best K1 in the world, the Vanquish 3). So stoked to be using their products now, and my new ski and K1 have just left Portugal and will be arriving in Durban tomorrow. Hoping to shake off this bug so that I can get back into training.

Well done to Dawid for winning the guy’s race, and to Shaun Rice for his 2nd place, this guy is so talented!

Next up is the Durban World up, however it is much earlier this year, so I really hope that the wind still blows for us!

My Folks




Spain is amazing.

Staying in a 400 year old Villa in the mountains. I am sitting under an Olive Tree looking down onto the valley (this spot has the best wi-fi).

Eating like a princess in this fantastic adventure accomodation place called Aqua-Ventura owned by Jonathan Neill and Violetta. They have loads of helpers called Woofers (google it) from all over the world, plus a very worldy crew here for the race. They cook up some really great dishes every night.

Ran in the mountains were we are staying with Dawid the day I arrived. Now I know why the Spainsh cyclists are such great climbers.

Drank great Spanish coffee in a sidewalk cafe with my Italian frined Jaka and Matt from SA yesterday.

Paddled a really long and unpleasant, but amazing race today, only unpleasant because I woke up with a Stomach Bug of note at 2am this morning. Amazing beacaue I met a great Portuguese guy who nursed me through the last 6km, even though he had blown, but felt he needed to keep me company so that I finished the race.

Spain is AWESOME. These people really know how to live. They are happy.

I will post more tomorrow, and definately inclued some pictures, although I don’t think that theywill do this place justice.





The Web-Based Coaching Business I started a few months back is steaming ahead. I am thoroughly enjoying coaching! Seeing people put in the hard yards, and then show improvement is pretty rewarding (for me! So I am hoping for themselves too 🙂 )

MultiSport’s Athlete’s have many exciting races coming up, including the Eurochallenge in Spain on the 2nd May, and the Molokai  Challenge on the 17th May. Best of luck to you guys! I hope all the smart training brings rewards!

Check out for more info.