R & R


Taking time off is always a hard thing to do. As I am getting older (read wiser) I realize how important recovery is though, both physically and psychologically. Luckily I live in such a fantastic place, that there are many other fun things to do besides paddle.

These past 2 months were a whirlwind of travel, race, network and train. Totally awesome though! Back in Plett now, and finally a chance to settle into my flat that I had just moved into before I jetted off to Portugal. A chance to catch my breath and plan for the coming months. I am a firm believer in the “Fail to Plan, Plan to Fail” philosophy. I spend a good amount of time and energy setting up my year in terms of training and racing.

I can’t believe how fast the year has gone by, and that I am looking at 2011 already!

The weather has tuned foul, but maybe it’s good thing, as now I am forced to rest. I just hope I don’t become too attached to this rest phase:)

On the MultiCoach front, I have some exciting new developments in the pipeline. I will blog about them soon.

OK, I can smell the coffee brewing, better go make sure it tastes as good as the last cup…


Friday :)


Even though I don’t have a nine-to-five I still love Fridays! Weird, but weekends still mean something to me, I suppose it’s because everyone else I know is now “off” work for the weekend, so more people to hang out with!

Training is going well, nearly finished with a big aerobic block of work. Looking forward to the 2 days recovery that are coming. My collar bone is still niggling after my accident, but at least I am out there on the water. Gym has taken a back seat, but I am enjoying the bits of strength work I am doing, mainly more lower body work, and been playing with kettelbells.

Saw a massive whale in the Bay this morning. Splash the Staffie heard it before I saw it. He has got so brave, and ventured into the water quite a bit today. Living up to his name and not his reputation! He has even graduated to lifting his leg now:) No more “girl” style wee’s:)

Sabrina Love Ocean Challenge


Start @ Central beach

Every year, I have the opportunity to take part in the Sabrina Love Challenge event here in Plett. The Sabrina Love Foundation does some pretty amazing work for children with disabilities, here is the web link www.sabrinalove.co.za The event gets great “celebrity” support, with Olympic swimmers Natalie du Toit and Chad Ho, Dusi Duke Martin Dreyer, Comrades icon Bruce Fordyce and many more taking part.

Plett Central Beach

This year there were over 1500 entries for the swim, mountain bike, surf ski, run and beach walk. Event organisers Magnetic South, as usual put on an unbelievable show, slick and well-run. 100% of entry money goes to the Sabrina Love Foundation, so thanks to all those who took part, and of course, thanks to Stonehage and Discovery for sponsoring it!

Martin, Natalie, Chad & me

Laurent, Jess & me at finish

Finish Line

Neal & Stef

First Week of Training.


One week done, many more to go…

OwenM090311 1274

Summer is approaching, and the extra light hours are making getting up early a real treat. Low tides have made for some classic beach runs, and Bongo seems to be coping with the longer distances better:) Strength training has left me a lot more stiff and sore than usual, maybe that comes with turning 30? Otherwise, thoroughly enjoying being back on the water.

First ski session on Saturday, and there were at least 5 Southern Right Whales along the way, and then again, was within 50m of them on the beach run. Bongo kept stopping every time they would bellow out, and look at the sea. Not sure if he could see them, or if he just didn’t know what was making that noise.

On the Keurbooms River, which has been glassy (Yes Glassy Robbie-no wind 🙂 )I spotted a troop of baboons on the bank, and the Fish Eagle was guarding his valley as usual. I am so lucky to be able to train here. Now just need to get the body to agree!

Travel Agent, Manager, Coach, Athlete :)


Today was a magic day in Plett. Walk on the pristine and untouched Keurboom’s Beach with my mom and the dogs Bella and Bongo. They were so pumped to get out there. Bongo had the most fun chasing after some sand flies! The small things! We live in such a beautiful place, and are so fortunate to have the opportunity to do what we do.

P4072667The Mad Mutts 🙂

Postponed my trip to Cape Town as I am still on a break, and totally enjoying not having to wake up and train. Although on a day like today I missed not paddling! I’m still pretty tired, so it’s good to rest and I am happy knowing that I am recovering for the hard season that is to come.

I I have been included in the “New Look” National Sprint Squad. It’s very positive that the Squad will now be getting financial and medical/sports science support. The past few years where we slogged it out have paved the way for the future generations, and I am glad to have contributed to this.

dragon run 08Racing to a win in the 2008 Hong Kong Dragon Run

Today was Travel Admin Day and I have just been booking flights for my upcoming Hong Kong/Dubai trip where I need to go and defend my titles. I was also Coach, and planned my training for the next 6 weeks “The Dragon-Dubai Plan”. Hope it pays off. Different approach to last year, as I was coming off a massive base after the Olympics. This year has been good, just long, so I’ve tried to keep the Dragon-Dubai plan full of fun and variation, not forgetting lots of HARD work:)

Hope this great weather sticks around until I start my training…

Plett :)


I am back in Plett, after an epic 12.5hr drive through the most amazing part of South Africa-the Transkei.

Training on the Keurbooms River

Training on the Keurbooms River

 Forgot how beautiful Plett is. The weather has been great so far. On my first day back I had a run along the beach, and spotted a Southern Right Whale just 10m from the shore! Awesome 🙂

Bit of a monstrous coldfront pulling through as I type, going to test my dedication to a paddle today. The spin bike could be a good alternative…

Leave for Portugal on Monday coming, here is the race website for more info:


Here’s a picture of the stunning Keurbooms River (doubt it will look like that today…)

Keurbooms River

Marathon Champs & Mauritius

Photo by Owen Middleton

Photo by Owen Middleton

Organising and competing are two things that shouldn’t be mixed. I actually think that organising could be harder than racing! The storm that hit Plett was unbelievable. Hail, snow on the mountains, gale-force winds! 2 trailors rolled on the drive down. Exciting stuff. Racing went well, next stop Portugal!

Now in Mauritius, raced the a warm up race today, INSIDE the reef because the surf was too big. Wasn’t elated to be doing more flatwater after the 50km’s of flat on the weekend, but it was the safest choice for the day. I managed to get away from Michelle Eder across the river mouth by some clever wave catching. I ended up 1st, Michelle 2nd and Carol Joyce 3rd.

Saturday’s prediction is looking good, the surf is dropping and there should still be wind. Can’t wait for a downwind!