1000km later


We had a super cool dinner at Rui and Sara’s last night. They have been the best hosts, and I hope to repay them when they visit in February (right Sara?)

We left Portimao this morning, on our road trip in the DK Training Center’s van, to Spain. Arrived a million hours later. Luckily we had Chopper von Wildman to entertain us the whole way:)

Spending the night in Denia, and after a quick training session in the morning we are going to catch the ferry to Formnetera! Yes please!

Oh yes, spotted a Valor chocolate shop on the drive in, damn, there goes the diet!


boa noite:)



The Race of Champions was pretty awesome. We have been treated so well, Rui and Sara have been unbelievable to us Saffa’s on tour here in Portimao. We have been paddling every day, a couple of downwinds, eating great food, drinking lekker beer, and generally just absorbing the vibe here.

Here is another picture of the start:

The Marina here is beautiful, and the start was a well organised La Mans style which worked. The first hotspot came pretty quickly, and I managed to hold of world marathon Champion Beatriz Gomez to take it, and then hung o to take the 2nd one as well. After a long slog into the wind, I turned the can and tried to gain back some places in the runs! Loved it! I felt pretty good despite the heat, and am stoked with my race.

Jasper won the guys from Barry with Sean in 3rd, go Team SA!!

We had a great after party/pool party at the beach, a good ending to the hard and hot day.

Here are some photo’s from the next day’s Life Saving Style event.

That’s me and Beatriz at the start.

And the only time I was ahead:)

Next stop: Formentara:)

Boa Noite (Good night!)

Living the life:)


After a pretty hectic trip to get here (we had some car troubles) which made for a quick heat acclimatization, we arrived to paradise! I really love it here. It is pretty hot, with great beaches. I have been on a few trail runs, and there are these cool cliffs, and caves right on the water. I will take some photo’s and post them soon!

I gave a coaching clinic this morninig, the guys here are super keen to learn.

I have been on 2 downwinds, the 1st was pretty big, thoroughly enjoyed it until I realised that I was on the wrong line and had to back track a little!

Race day is tomorrow, followed by another beach party (I am starting to notice a trend with the se races in Portugal…)

Anyway, will post some photo’s soon, and a race report.





The Algarve region of Portugal is great, warm water, hot days, cool cliffs and good paddling.

Enjoying being here immensely.

Camera went o the blink today, hoping it will work again later so i can post some cool pictures of my paddle earlier, otherwise I will make a plan!

More news soon,