Hong Kong


I arrived in Hong Kong last night, after 3 flights, and a 200km drive. Eish, travelling from Plett adds a bit of time to anything 🙂 But worth it to be living there at this moment.

Stayed with Rene and Babs last night, Rene treated us to a whole bunch of different Dutch cheeses. After a lie in, we made our way to Stanley, to the Sea School to move into our new accomodation with Bill the principle. It is freezing here, like 10 degrees. Much to my surprise after last year’s heat, and to the surprise of my packing skills, and very light and therefore empty bag… Perfect excuse to go past Stanley Market and SHOP for a warm top…

Some Chinese food for lunch (no chicken feet this time), and a fun paddle, and now I can feel that time difference setting in 😦  

Map of race course below, good winds predicted… See http://www.thedragonrun.com.hk/ for the race website.


Splash Festival


The Nelson Mandela Bay Surf Ski World Cup is coming up on the 10th April. The race is part of the annual Splash Festival event taking place in Port Elizabeth over Easter. It will be my first race of the Ski Season for 2009. Even though I am hard at work in a serious Base Phase of training, it will be nice to race again, and see where my current fitness level is at.

I have tried quite a different approach to my training this year compared to the past. So far it feels really good, but results will prove me right or wrong I suppose.

Here’s a link to the article on me for the race: http://www.splashfestival.com/news_article.asp?ID=9