Along with some pretty incredible people, I have been nominated for a World Paddle Award in the Foundation category. You can find out more by clicking on the logo above, and you can also vote for me, or any of the amazing nominees, by clicking the Facebook “like” button or the big “thumb’s up” at the end of the article.

The voting ends on November 20th, and the winners get to attend the awards ceremony in Portugal in February next year. The World Paddle Awards (WPA) is a fantastic concept and the event is held annually, “celebrating the most remarkable men and women from the world of paddlesports along with their achievements from the previous calendar year.” Click on the image below to find out more about the WPA.


Since the Olympics has come and gone, I have been hard at work setting up the next exciting venture. Our business Paddle California, which also has MultiCoach operating under the PC umbrella, has some fantastic offerings in the works. More on that to follow.

Here is a post I wrote about the incredible women of Team USA at the Rio Games, which makes for an interesting read! (click on image below)rio-blog2-3







I am in South Africa at the moment. So fantastic to be home, especially with the craziness of Spring. Been a while since I was home this time of year, and I am thoroughly enjoying myself. Out with an injury, so unfortunately missing out of all the great races I planned on doing (Fish, Pete Marlin, Cape Point Challenge etc) but glad I am here where I have some great rehab people!

I forgot how good the food here is, and am having to do a LOT of trail running to keep the balance 🙂

Thanks for reading, happy paddling!

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One month into 2012. New Boats. Crazy weather.


One whole month has zoomed by already. Unbelievable. Slightly on the back foot here, but I am making February’s goal to get ON TOP of things, with better planning & scheduling, and even more importantly, PRIORITISING!

My new Nelo Ski and K1 arrived yesterday. Holding the 2 beauties I couldn’t help feel that shiver of excitement that new, COOL stuff brings! It kind of renewed my stoke to go paddling again. Not that the stoke was gone, just that it is now doubled. The colour scheme I have chosen, and which the great guys at Nelo managed to get 100% right, looks crazy good!

Thanks Andre and your team. The effort that goes into these boats is incredible, and the finishes are something to see! Did I mention they are LIGHT!! Stoked:)

Here is a shot of the Quattro K1:

I am loving the design! To find out more about the boat, click on the photo.

Here is the side view:

I had a quick session in it yesterday, and I loved it! It has a bit more meat in the tail than the Vanquish 3, and the front deck is rounder.

I will do a proper report as soon as i have had some more time in it.

I can’t wait to get into the new ski, the surf here is just massive today so I think I will use my old boat (just in case…)!

(Imagine it survives the shipping and road transport process to get from Portugal all the way to Plettenberg Bay, and I smash it in its first sea run!)

And again, I will post a review of the 2 ski’s and compare them.

I have been paddling a lot of doubles lately, and been using the Genius Double Ski. Loving the boat, will get some pics up soon!

OK, going to hit the water now.

Oh yes, crazy weather. We have been having unbelievable weather, and strangely warm turquoise coloured water the past 2 months. It’s also been super humid, and hot! It’s been great. Just strange. Normally in December we get a SE wind that pushes the cold current that travels past our bay, into the shoreline, making it super cold. Not this year.

OK, signing off! Have a super weekend, paddle a LOT and enjoy it!


2010 over and out


Did you feel it?

2010 was one jam-packed year! It always seems like the more busy you are, the longer the year. 2010 was one pretty long year! Add to that the fact that time flies as you get older and I am left with one long, fast year:)

It was my 2nd year “post-Olympics”, and another chance to race as much as I could. I also took on a coaching job in Port Elizabeth which let me get to meet a whole bunch of new, excited-to-paddle people. I have much to be grateful for, and here is just a short highlights package of my year…

1. Moved cities. Not sure whether to put this in the “lowlights” section! PE is a very different place, you either love it or hate it. Luckily, the people there are super friendly and nice. Moved back to the Land of Milk and Honey-Plett:)

2. Spent a lot of time in East London, which could be the jewel of South Africa, but shhh! Let’s not let that secret get out. Beautiful coastline, and great people.

3. Became the owner of Splash, the Staffie puppy on one of my coaching trips to East London. A total handful, but worth every vet bill and ripped up piece of furniture. I have been on more beach walks than ever before, and he is a great running partner, and forever happy and forgiving companion.

4. On the sponsorship front, I was fortunate enough to become a part of Team Nelo, and the move has been the best thing. I am loving paddling my NeloSki so much, that the majority of my training is now done in the ski rather than the K1. I have also managed to sign on for 2011 with all my current sponsors. Thanks for your ongoing support PVM, Knysna Racing, New Balance! and Rudy Project (and all your support and generosity Thule).

5. I got to go to Portugal (and Spain and Dubai) and spent a few weeks in that great country, and do some pretty cool new races.

6. I won my 3rd Dubai Shamaal, 3rd Cape Point Challenge and my 3rd SA Surf Ski Title.

7. I FINALLY won the Fish River Marathon!

8. I had 2 very solid performances at the Marathon World Champs (Flatwater), coming 4th in the K1 and the K2, which makes me fired up for the 2011 Worlds in Singapore! Time to change those Wooden medals into real ones!

9. My parents came and watched some international Surf Ski events! Great to have their support.

10. Last but not least, the Soccer World Cup. What an event, and what a success for South Africa as a nation!

The year is over and I am still so stoked on paddling. Here’s hoping you all have a great 2011!

Here is a great slideshow of some photo highlights for 2010:

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